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Triangle B Tennessee Walking Horse Farm
Welcome to Triangle B Tennessee Walking Horses!
We have been quietly producing good TWH for experienced riders for many years.

Our Tennessee Walkers are used in the mountains all spring summer and fall. They get to loaf around and live a natural life out in the old hayfield all winter.

Our Tennessee Walking Horses live outdoors all year!

We have always liked trail riding and once we trailered our riding horses out to the mountains over 25 years ago, we were hooked. Soon we moved about an hour’s drive closer to the mountains. It took a very short time to change Brenda’s thinking about what she wanted to ride, since her personal riding horse had a hard time keeping up to Dave’s first horse, an old style Tennessee Walking Horse named Jester’s Snappy Lil.

Since then we have completely changed our breeding program to be raising Tennessee Walking Horses exclusively. Even most of our boarded horses are Tennessee Walkers!

We have found the TWH are very trainable, even as young foals. Their distant ancestry is a mixture of breeds that were instrumental to settling the North American Continent. How wonderful!

We are grateful that the early breeders of the Tennessee Walking Horse worked so hard at getting a smooth gaited, good natured, all purpose horse that could do some field work with Dad, run errands with the kids astride and pull the family’s buggy to church on Sunday.

It is this type of selective breeding that has made the TWH such a pleasure for us to have in our lives.

For a bit of information on our feelings on big shoes, big bits and big lick Tennessee Walking Horses, please read Brenda’s story, “The Big Black Cadillac”, featured on the sidebar. No we are not open minded at all.

Our website has something for everyone in the family. Please feel free to download the coloring pages to keep your youngsters busy while you take some time to read the stories and look at our Canadian bred Tennessee Walking Horses.

We are located on 115 acres of rolling hay land in the foothills of the Canadian Rocky Mountains near Millarville, Alberta, Canada. ( about 15 miles south west of Calgary, AB )

Brenda has been a horse owner for over 40 years. Dave, although he has been involved with her passion for only 30 years, also has an eye for horses. Having been owners of TWH since 1987 and breeders of TWH since 1988, we consider quality, disposition and soundness to be of equal importance.

Knowing that the TWH is a slow maturing breed both physically and mentally, we will not start a young horse under saddle until it is at least three years of age. Some of our horses get only light riding until they are 6 or sometimes even 7. It is our intention that they will be useful longer this way.

All of the riding we do is outside. There are nice trails right on our own land and out the back gate into the bush to the top of the hill where we have a wonderful mountain view. We also have over 500 miles of beautiful mountain trails within 15 miles of our place so we have no reason to ride indoors! The showing we do is limited to the Canadian Futurity and although some of our young horses have placed well, they are usually sold to horsemen and women who prefer to ride their TWH in the mountains also.

All of our horses are registered either with the CRTWH and/or TWBEA and all of them are DNA profiled and/or blood typed.

We can be contacted by telephone, (403) 931-3575, ( leave a message) ; or email Brenda.

Our mailing address is RR8 Site 10 Box 19, Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2J 2T9 . We look forward to hearing from you.

The stories and articles are Brenda's. They have all been previously published in the Walking Horse News. Most of them have also been published in the Saddle Up magazine and the Equine Trader. The Big Black Cadillac was published in a recent issue of the FOSH magazine, the Sound Advocate. Brenda often writes under the pen name of Silver.

Many thanks to Tennessee Walking Horse enthusiast Dianne Little for her role as a friend, advisor and riding instructor.

To T'Lara Freedom, my proof reader and fellow horse crazy woman, you did a great job!

Special thanks to Helmut at for the set up and design of this website.

See the new Tennessee Walking Horse coloring pages at the bottom of the menu!


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