This boarding agreement is between David and Brenda Baker and

Horse(s) Owner(s):

For the horse:

Registration number, if known:

Breed:                                                 Color:                         Age:

Address of Owner(s)
Client agrees:

  • to pay the fee of $200.00 per month per horse in advance on the 1st day of each month.

  • if any account is overdue more than 30 days the horse(s) may be disposed of under the Stable Keepers Act.

  • To pay for any veterinary and farrier services associated with the above-mentioned animal(s).
  • The horse(s) are/is boarded without liability on the part of Brenda or David Baker for the loss or damage from disease, death, habits, escape, theft, fire, or injury to the horse(s) or damage to property by said horse(s).
  • The client and the client’s family, guests or friends enter the premises at their own risk.

  • Client's Veterinarian                                                    Phone Number

    Client's Farrier                                                            Phone Number

    David and Brenda Baker Agree:
  • to exercise due care and responsibility with said horses(s), but if the horse(s) become(s) seriously ill, the owner and the veterinarian will be notified at once. If the state of the horse’s health demands immediate attention we reserve the right to call the veterinarian or administer medication or give attention within our discretion and judgement.

  • to provide proper statements for any veterinarian or farrier services.

  • This boarding agreement can be terminated by either party by giving 30 days written notice providing all terms and conditions are met.

    The undersigned have read this contract and have accepted its terms. This agreement is signed in duplicate at/near Millarville, AB, by both parties on

  • Client's signature:

    Brenda or David Baker's signature