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Faces of Fall
October 2010

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"Goldie" (CG's Gold 88 Delight)

"Goldie" is an Alberta bred Tennessee Walking Horse mare whose sire is a buckskin, so she is a sooty palomino herself, sporting a faint dorsal stripe and has dark brindle legs. She is darkly dappled in the summer making her coloring quite unique.

Holy Smokes

"Smokey" was raised right here on our place. Brenda was the first thing Smokey saw when she opened her eyes. Tennessee Walking Horses in Alberta come in all shapes, sizes and colors, but we find Smokey's classic champagne coloring to be our favorite.

Doubly Delightful
Doubly Delightful, "Dee" has been Brenda's mountain horse for many years. This Alberta bred Tennessee Walking Horse is only 14.2hh but she is mighty! She is by Coin's Double Play and out of Leco's Satin Delight, thus inheriting the best of both of these TWH in gait and style. She passes on her beautiful movement and style having produced two excellent offspring, including Blonde Jane Blonde.

Kodiak's Jinx CF
"Jinx" is another Saskatchewan import who is also a William's King grand daughter. As a Tennessee Walking Horse living in Alberta she will be Brenda's lovely riding horse for a few years before she joins the broodmare band to pass on those precious genes that the Heritage TWH Society is striving to preserve.

Kodiak's Dyna CF
"Dyna" is a Saskatchewan import! She is by William's Kodiak and out of William's Breeze, both of whom are by William's King. This mare is eligible for Heritage TWH certification. She is a very smooth moving Tennessee Walking Horse that can adjust her speed of travel to whatever our companions are comfortably traveling at. She has the cherished Tennessee Walking Horse temperament and is one of the most cooperative horses we have ever met.

"Brandy" Ora Bella's Brandy Z
Ora Bella's Brandy Z, "Brandi" is also a BC bred Tennessee Walking Horse. She is an outgoing TWH and has all the attributes that make Tennessee Walking Horses so popular. She will be eligible for Heritage TWH certification also.

Blonde Jane Blonde
"Blondie" is the darling of the mare band. She possesses the typical easy going disposition of palomino Tennessee Walking Horses. In Alberta there are many Variations of this beautiful coloring. Blondie is classed as an Isabella Palomino as she is very light, especially in the winter.

Victorian Ora Bella Z
Victorian Ora Bella Z, " Vicki", is a BC bred Tennessee Walking Horse. She is also eligible for certification as a Heritage TWH. She has a very long stride and has the good old time TWH looks and disposition. We consider her to to be an excellent addition to our breeding program.

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