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Happy Owners of Triangle B horses

Here are a few pictures of some of the horses we have sold over the last few years. Looking at these pictures brings back many happy memories.

We are happy to say that we are often in touch with most of the current owners of these animals and are able to follow their careers as riding/pleasure companions as the years go by.

Barbara, a happy new owner on Archer

This is Charis Cooper with Trinkette in the spring of 2012. Charis is 82 in this picture.

Up on the top of Mesa Butte out of the heat. >>>

Kodiak's Code Red CF and Darryl enjoy the scenery from the top of Mesa Butte on a cool October day.

Click through the thumbnails for the big picture s

Click through the thumbnails to get the big pictures,
Hi Brenda,
Before another day passes I have to write and say thank you for selling me this wonderful mare. She is truly everything you said and more!

After a few days of sitting in her shelter watching the other horses over the fence I let them together and she just fit right in. She and my Curly were best of buddies for about a week then she decided she liked the Arab better. At first he was scarred of her tail and would shy when she walked by. Now she is just the "Queen" of everyone and always the first one to me when I'm in the pasture.

Doing a little ground work with her in my 70' round pen. She likes the games and she is very smart and catches on quickly as to what I would like her to do. You did a great job training her, she's nice and light and very obedient. We went trail riding on the weekend and just had a ball. She walked right into the strange stable, walked around the indoor arena at liberty sniffing the jumps and muck buckets. I was truly impressed by the
end of the day when she had crossed bridges, walked around irrigation pipes, pumps and canals without a care in the world.

We saw sheep, llamas, burrows, Great Pyrenee's guarding their flocks, plenty of cattle - the works! Oh yeah, partridges too - I dread them on my Arab.

At first my friends were teasing me about my "little horse" but soon they were trotting to keep up - tee hee. Then we cantered across an alfalfa field. I had seen Dee canter in my field but at first I got the "egg beater" gait then she smoothly went into her canter. No problem slowing and she listens beautifully.

The Sensation saddle fits us both well so it was a good choice. I was riding with a Parelli hackamore (glorified halter) and Dee quite likes it. I did change to bit for the trail ride but I needn't have bothered as she went so well.

I can certainly see why walking horse people ride with walking horse people. I ride a lot by myself except on trail rides so no biggy. Really looking forward to riding with you sometime this summer tho. My farrier has already told me to get her shod at least a week before I come up. Will do!

Just days away til the Mane Event - can't wait! Loading the camper tonight!

Hope to see you there, if not I'll catch up with you later and thanks again.

As Ever,


This is Charis Cooper, age 78, with Trinkette at the Bar U Ride during the summer of 2008

Black Jack (Shadow)

Cruising for Chicks (Dakota)

Hello Brenda,
Finally I have some pictures to show you,
and include on your web page. Bill's horse,
who we nick named Shadow, is a more
refined looking, beautiful head, and around
15-2. hands. My horse who I call Dakota, is
a bigger boned horse, around 16 hands. and
just a sweet heart. We enjoy them thoroughly.
Thanks Brenda!

Harold Stewart enjoys the view on the Wolf Creek Trail at Sandy McNabb, AB in September of 2008 on Puss in Boots.


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