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No, we do not stand a stallion, preferring the flexibility of using the Tennessee Walking Horse stallions whose genetics we feel will contribute positively to the next generation of foals produced by our mares. Click on the small thumbnails to see the full size pictures!

  William's Kodiak CF
A sweet natured 15.2hh chestnut owned by Cole Farms, ( Lexie Cole ), of Cabri Sask. We are lucky to own two of his daughters so we will own a piece of his unique bloodlines through them.
  Chance's Gold N' Yellow, ( Chance's Gold Dust H X My Joy Chance ), approx 15.2hh, powerful compact build, valuable old time bloodlines.
  Kit’s Royal Pride, ( Go Boy’s Crown Royal X Sundance Kit ), an honest 16.3hh and about 1400 lb. This well built, good natured stallion lives just 12 miles from our place. He is a true black with excellent feet and legs which he passes on to his offspring.

    Toddy’s Royal Bonanza, ( Midnight Toddy X Dorn’s Royal Image ), black, approximately 15.2hh, also lives close to us! He has been shown very little but has done very well, winning the 2 year old stallion class and sharing the top movement score at the Canadian Futurity the same year.
  Topaz Merry Go, ( McLaren’s Robert X Chiffon’s Amber Dream ), a gold champagne stallion who, with limited showing won the class for Yearling Tennessee Walking Horse at the Alberta Horse Improvement Show, then the next year, won the Two Year Old Tennessee Walking Horse class at the same show! He is 15.2hh and has, in addition to his unique coloring, conformation that is all these years later, still considered to be exceptional by the judges that were present at that show!
  Midnite Tin Drum DD, ( Midnite Sun’s Shadow X Moon’s Sugar Babe ), this big black horse was used successfully in competitive trail in Alberta for a number of years.
  Midnight Jester E, ( Sun’s Mtn Mischief X Lady Maria ), an old time Tennessee Walking Horse who was unappreciated until he was discovered by Joy Romaine. He sired some notable Tennessee Walking Horse such as Calta Midnite Victry.     (Deceased)
  Calta Midnite Victry, owned by Calta Stables
  Calta Caligula, a 16.2hh son of Calta Midnite Victry, owned by Calta Stables
  Northfork Patch of Gold, owned by Gardner Beacom of Calgary, AB. Gold is approximately 15.2hh and 1100 lb. He is gentle enough to share a pasture with a gelding year round and to appear in public as an eye catching saddle horse from time to time.

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