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Horse Boarding
We are looking for riding companions, who will board their horses with us and enjoy the trails with us. Since we are not restricted to just weekends only, we can get a lot of riding done in a week! Snow birds are also welcome, so call or email to see if our place would work for you and your horses. Mature adults only please!

If you are a mature adult rider, we encourage you to board your horses, especially your Tennessee Walking Horses, with us. We are happy to board the TWH horses that we have sold as well.

Snowbirds are welcome even if their horses only vacation here for the winter months.

Our place is modest, but has a nice variety of pastures to accommodate different feed requirements, particularly in the summer, when over eating can become a concern.

We treat each horse as if it is our own. Each horse is checked at least once a day no matter what the weather is like. Often we are out with the horses 3 or more times a day.

We require that all horses coming to live with us are up to date with their vaccinations and worming before they come. All horses, no matter how young, must be halter broke.

We welcome broodmares and young stock in addition to riding horses.

The hay we raise on our own place is fed as required. We often feed hay all summer if we have horses with grass restricted diets. Our own saddle horses are often in this group!

At no time do we have horses locked up, standing in dry lots.

There is double fencing between our neighbors and our horses with a 12 foot corridor to ensure that no one is tempted to poke a leg through the fence to kick at another horse. In our own pastures, the mares and geldings are separated from each other, not being close enough to touch or argue over the fences. Smaller pastures have electric wire to discourage leaning on the fence. The smallest pasture we have is about one acre and the biggest is 34 acres.

In the winter there is fresh warm water from automatic waters. During the summer we have the luxury of a pond and numerous water troughs to keep everyone well watered. Excellent mineral blocks are provided year round.

Every pasture has either a three sided, roofed shelter or a combination of hills and trees. The horses are not kept in the barn. Only emergencies or farrier day warrant the use of the barn.

There are well built corrals near the barn in addition to a round pen and an outside arena for training and warming up horses. We have some simple trails in our trees on the hill and there is lots of room for uncomplicated trail riding in any of the empty pastures.

The wonderful trails of Kananaskis are only 20 to 40 minutes away by truck and trailer so we ride out a few times a week all summer and fall. We love having company on our rides so our boarders are often included in these rides.

If keeping your horse with us sounds interesting, please contact us by telephone or email and we will be happy to show you around.

We can be contacted by telephone, (403) 931-3575, ( leave a message) ; or email Brenda.Brenda

Our mailing address is RR8 Site 10 Box 19, Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2J 2T9 .

We look forward to hearing from you.

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