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The 2004 Canadian Tennesee Walking Horse Futurity was held on October 2 & 3 at the Calgary Stampede grounds. The winner of the Weanling Colt Class was Chic Magnet, owned & shown by Brenda L. Baker of Millarville, AB. This tall black colt with a small indistinct star on his forehead is by Kit’s Royal Pride and out of Chicklette. His full brother, Cruising for Chics, won the same class in 2002!

Chic Magnet’s sire, Kit’s Royal Pride is an honest 16.3hh, 1400 lb. black stallion owned by Roger Coppock of Priddis, AB. This stallion was raised by Laverne C. Lundgard of Hines Creek, AB and sold to Roger as a two year old. He has been only lightly used as his owner was busy with other aspects of his life. Roger considers “Pride”, to be one of those “once in a life time” horses. He is indeed a joy to handle and a pleasure to have around. Brenda has raised five other Tennesee Walking Horse, (all colts), by this fine stallion. They include Cruising for Chics, Road King, Night Train, Goldwing, and Only the Lonely.

Chic Magnet’s dam, Chicklette, ( Calta Midnite Victry X Miss Chiquitita ), owned by Brenda L. Baker of Millarville, AB, is a docile 1993 chestnut mare standing 15.2 1/2hh. Chicklette was the third registered Tennesee Walking Horse that the Bakers raised. She was shown at the CRTennesee Walking Horse Futurities all the years she was eligible, placing third in the Yearling Filly class, and 6th in the 2 Gait, providing Brenda with invaluable showing experience. Although she is an excellent broodmare, Chicklette is such a nice mount that Brenda’s husband Dave considers her his best riding horse. Chicklette is bred every 2 or 3 years so Dave can enjoy her when he tires of riding green horses. She is the dam of three foals including Trinkette, a 1999 chestnut mare, (by Topaz Merry Go), Cruising for Chics, ( 2002 black gelding), and Chic Magnet.

Calta Midnite Victry, (Midnight Jester E X Bell’s Little Beauty), was a 15.2hh black stallion owned and raised by Hilton Hack of Delacour AB. “Vic” was shown by both Hilton and his daughter Kirsten. He was an absolute gentleman in and out of the show ring. He won many awards on the Canadian show circuit. Meanwhile at home he was producing many wonderfully gaited sweet tempered foals. Tragically his life ended when he twisted a gut and although colic surgery was attempted, the damage was too great so Hilton had to make the right decision for his good friend.

Miss Chiquitita, ( Heza Walker X Ima Dark Shadow ), a 15.1hh 1979 chestnut mare was raised by Bill Gunderson, and was used as a guide horse by the wranglers on the Bates Bar J Ranch near Water Valley, AB, while she was owned by Barbara Bates. Brenda and Barbara did a little horse trading in 1988 and “Chic” became the first Tennesee Walking Horse that Brenda owned.

“Chic” is the dam of 11 foals, the 4th of which was Chicklette. Ten of these foals were purebred Tennesee Walking Horse and seven of them were shown at the Canadian Futurity. One foal, a filly, was aborted after Chic fell in the early spring.

The nine registered Tennesee Walking Horse foals were: Heza Tony, a chestnut, Roadrunner, a chestnut colt again, Chicklette, ( 3rd Yearling Filly and 6th 2Gait CRTennesee Walking Horse Futurity ), Midnite Fireball, a flashy black, ( 2nd Weanling Filly at the CRTennesee Walking Horse Futurity ); all by Calta Midnight Victry. Colt 44, a black again, ( 4th Weanling Colt CRTennesee Walking Horse Futurity ), Tuxedo, a flashy black, ( 2nd Yearling Gelding, 3rd Two Year Old Gelding CRTennesee Walking Horse Futurity ), Sheza Lady, a black that was euthanized due to an injury at 4 years of age, ( 2nd Two Year Old Filly CRTennesee Walking Horse Futurity), The Last Tango, a bay, ( 4th Weanling Colt, 4th Yearling Colt, CRTennesee Walking Horse Futurity ); all by Calta Commander. And Hot Rod, a flashy chestnut colt by Chance’s Golden Yellow.

Some of these offspring were shown after Brenda sold them and others were simply enjoyed as nice uncomplicated pleasure horses. Roadrunner and The Last Tango were used to produce a few foals for their owners before they were gelded.

Brenda showed Miss Chiquitita in two shows the same year “Chic“ turned 20. These were Chic’s first shows. It didn’t make much sense to this fine old mare to be going around in circles but she went along with Brenda’s wishes and even won a few ribbons. Chic was a very consistent mount even in these unfamiliar conditions, but rider error determined how far from the red ribbon the team would place!

Eventually Brenda sold Chic to Sandi Hirskorn near Le Duc, AB where she is enjoying a nice retirement home.

We know there are many other sucessful broodmares out there, but unless someone takes the time to write about them, we’ll never know. The CD, Picture the Millenium, ( produced by the Canadian Registery of the Tennessee Walking Horse ), has increased our awareness of how many Tennesee Walking Horse have been or still are in Canada. It would be great if we could read some history about each of the Tennesee Walking Horse that have lived in Canada too.


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