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Fun Stuff
Charis Cooper mounts her mare Trinkette after opening a gate while we were on a ride at her place west of Turner Valley, AB in November 2010. Charis is 80 years young. She keeps two TWH fit, and as you can see keeps herself fit too! What an inspiration to us all!

Brenda and Doubly Deightful at a rest stop on the way to Windy Point, ( Sandy McNabb equestrian area ), September 2008.

Brenda, Charis and Harold enjoy a fall ride on the Wolf Creek Trail.

Dave & Holy Smokes show off their high water marks after a refreshing river crossing.

Harold Stewart enjoys the view on the Wolf Creek Trail at Sandy McNabb, AB in September of 2008 on Puss in Boots

Holy Smokes takes a snack straight out of the plastic bag

Our son Brandon takes his first test ride on Doubly Delightful and laughs out loud, " Is she ever fast!"

Brandon has a good ride on Holy Smokes.

December 2007 on the Rim of the Grand Canyon during a trip to Phoenix AZ to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary.

Do they canter?
When Brenda shows up, they gallop!

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