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Although we do not enjoy riding or walking in circles, we have shown our young horses at the Canadian Tennesee Walking Horse Futurity for many years as we value the opinion that qualified judges have about our horses.

The Canadian Registry of the Tennessee Walking Horse sponsored Futurity has a unique individual scoring system that is very difficult to show under as any errors or faults are seen and noted. By the same token, this system gives exhibitors a very fair appraisal of the horses they are showing, and how they are being shown.

Each owner is given a score sheet of each entry's scores. There is even a simple evaluation of the manner in which the horse was shown. Breeders, if they are smart, will use these scores as a guide to future breeding choices.

We have shown at least one youngster in 11 different futurities in 12 years. Our first futurity was in 1989 and our entry, Chicklette placed in the top 10 of the large Weanling Filly Class of that year. It was to be the first and only year we came home without a ribbon.

Interestingly, a few years later, Chicklette's second and third foals won the 2002 and the 2004 Weanling Colt Class!

Here are a few photos of fun times at some of the futurities.
Click on the thumbnails to see the big picture!

Chic Magnet


Lil Snappy

Blonde Jane Blonde
Short movieshows how well this fine young Tennessee Walking Horse moves under saddle, now that she's all grown up.

Chic Magnet

Cruising For Chics

Road King

Sheza Lady


Tuxedo & Chicklette

Photographers for the Canadian Futurities were amateurs who volunteered
their time and talents. They were: Don Walker, (many years); Jo Kingsland,
(many years); Jean Rempel & Linda Block, (2003); Marda Wright, (2004),
Dennis Little (many years).
Thank you al!.

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