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News from Triangle B
Horse Boarding

We are looking for riding companions, who will board their horses with us and enjoy the trails with us. Since we are not restricted to just weekends only, we can get a lot of riding done in a week! Snow birds are also welcome, so call or email to see if our place would work for you and your horses. Mature adults only please!

September 2018:  Pop's retired and Mamma wants to travel! But life does not always go the way we've planned.

Brenda is having shoulder surgery this month.  The problems with her shoulder and a nagging back problem, have severely curtailed her riding and has necessitated a stop to our breeding program for now.

Because we do not know how long it will take to resolve these problems, we've decided to sell most of our broke Tennessee Walking Horse broodmares.

Meanwhile our youngsters are enjoying a few weeks' education with our trainer, Rick Bates. He has been coming to play with Tennessee Walking Horses for 12 years now. Rick uses natural horsemanship methods as well as some techniques he's learned from many years' experience with many different breeds and ages of horses including BLM horses in California.

If you are serious about riding and/or breeding good Tennessee Walking Horse(s), have a look at our sales page to see if you might be a match for one of our good broke broodmares or even one of our very friendly youngsters. 

These very popular horses have been sold already:
Easter colt and his dam
CG's Gold Delight
We still have a few for sale on the For Sale page.

Our 2012 foals are very friendly and welcome visitors!

In April of 2012 "Only the Lonely" (Archer) will become an Ontario resident. He is one of our home raised Tennessee Walking Horses and we are delighted with his new owner's choice. As you can see they are a well matched pair!

Click on the picture for the large size.

Brenda, Dave and the dogs wish you a Mery Christmas and a Happy New Year for 2012

Early in December of 2011, after an absence of 12 years, Hombre came back to live with us as his owner's life has changed and Hombre needs a home that involves more riding! We plan to use him as Dave's riding horse this summer as Smokey will be busy raising a new foal.
HAY for sale:
We will be selling 25 big round bales this summer. They are grass and alfalfa mixed. We will help you load them, but we do not deliver.
Click on the thumbnail for the big picture Late in October our good old Chicklette, despite our best efforts, died of colic. She is pictured here with Grammie and Jerrika after a nice ride in the round pen in August of 2011. We still have a three year old daughter, Starlette, to carry on the legacy of exceptionally sweet Tennessee Walking Horses that Brenda's first TWH, Miss Chiquititia started for us 23 years ago.

Thriller (Mouse )
In September Thriller, (" Mouse"), became one of the Tennessee Walking Horses of Ontario! His new owner has a breeding plan which includes his fine old time TWH bloodlines. We are very happy that the magic combination of Kit's Royal Pride and Chicklette will be passed on in this lovely young stallion's future offspring.

On May 18, 2010, Chicklette gave birth to yet another tall black colt by Kit's Royal Pride. He is a full brother to Chic Magnet, Cruising for Chics and Starlette. " Mouse", will be for sale at weaning time.

Click on the thumbnails for the big pictures.

Easter Colt

We now have a smokey black colt, born Easter 2009 morning. His dam is Canadian Major's Angel and his sire is Northfork Patch of Gold. He is already well halter broke and as you can see he is very athletic! His dam is an excellent first time Mom.

Easter Colt at 24 hours old.
Click on the thumbnail for the big picture.

Pike, our Easter Colt, on May 20

CG's Gold 88 DelightCG's Gold 88 Delight

CG's Gold 88 Delight

Early in April of 2009 we added CG's Gold 88 Delight to our collection of mares.

Victorian Ora Bella

Click on the thumbnail for the full size picture.
Victorian Ora Bella
In October 2008 we once again added to our broodmare band. This time we went west to Ullu Zurbriggen's farm and found Victorian Ora Bella, a 5 year old, 16hh palomino mare. She displays lovely movement at liberty and we are excited to own her!

Brandy and Starlette

Brandy and Starlette

Brandy and Starlette enjoy the golden sunlight in late afternoon of a warm November day that is typical of changeable weather in the Calgary area. Note that Starlette is particularily well haired up, being raised in the foothills where we get snow every month of the year! Brandy, having been a resident for only a few weeks will grow lots of hair now that the nights are cool        

Click on the thumbnail for the full size picture.


Click on the thumbnail for the full size picture.

Since we only had only one lonely filly, ( Starlette ), to wean this fall we bought a sweet amber champagne filly, Brandy, for company. This one also came from Ullu Zurbriggen's farm in October 2008.


Introducing Starlette,
( Kit's Royal Pride X Chicklette ), born May 6th, 2008. This picture was taken when she was 5 days old. The mare is not small; this filly is quite tall. She is also the smartest foal born here since her dam was little!

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